Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx)

There are three species of Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) present in the British Isles:

Coniopteryx (Conioptreryx) borealis, Coniopteryx (Conioptreryx) pygmaea, and Coniopteryx (Conioptreryx) tineiformis.

These species are differentiated from each other by the shape of the parameres in the male genitalia, in addition to the shape of the Hypandrium.

The different shapes of the parameres and Hypandrium (283, 287, 281) in the subgenus Coniopteryx. Images: Aspöck et al. 1980, Plant, 1997, C. (C.) borealis: Rintala and Lehto (CC BY-4.0), C. (C.) pygmaea: Rintala and Lehto (CC BY-4.0), C. (C.) tineiformis: Rintala and Lehto (CC BY-4.0).