Submitting Records

There are numerous ways to submit records to the recording scheme.

If you use iRecord then your records will make it into the recording scheme database. If you are not an iRecord user, iRecord is free to use, but you will need to register with the site to start entering records. Online training documents are available.

When adding records to iRecord please supply a photograph and state how you have identified the insect, this is very helpful when verifying records.

County Recorder

If you have an existing County Lacewing Recorder who is actively accepting records, please continue to send records to the scheme via that person.


For one-off records or occasional sightings you are welcome to send an email to Colin or  James.

As a minimum a record must include:

1. Species name
2. Date of sighting
3. Location name
4. OS Grid Ref / GPS Lat + Long
5. Recorder’s name

For multiple records, the use of a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel or the free Google Documents) is preferred. An Excel spreadsheet template can be downloaded here.

MapMate (link)

A spreadsheet export from MapMate can be updated by Colin (if needed) before incorporating them into the central database. We do not except records via Map Mate Sync.

Other Databases

Other biological recording databases such as Recorder 6 and Gilbert 21 can produce spreadsheet exports that are fine for the recording scheme. Please include the unique record IDs from the originating database if sending in data from these systems.


Paper records are not forbidden! Where no other option is available paper records are of course welcome. Please post them with the details listed above to:

Colin W. Plant
14 West Road
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3QP