Coniopteryx (Metaconiopteryx)

There are two species in the subgenus Metaconiopteryx the British Isles:

Coniopteryx (Metaconiopteryx) esbenpeterseni and Coniopteryx (Metaconiopteryx) lentiae

These species can be differentiated from each other by comparing the size of the internal genital ring and the Hypandrium from the side, and also the shape of the Hypandrium from below. Coniopteryx (Metaconiopteryx) esbenpeterseni has a smaller genital ring compared to the Hypandrium, whereas C. (M.) lentiae both are approximately the same size, with the genital ring being slightly larger (see below).

Diagnostic features of the species in the subgenus Metaconiopteryx. Images: Aspöck et al. 1980, Plant, 1997, Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen (CC BY NC SA 3.0), CBG Photogroup Letardi (CC BY 3.0)