Helicoconis hirtinervis

Only one species of the genus Helicoconis is present in the British Isles. Old records of Helicoconis lutea being present in the British Isles were misidentifications. It is important to examine the male genitalia as there are many European species that could potentially be present in the British Isles. An interesting feature of H. hirtinervis is that females have a reduced hind wing whereas the male doesn’t.

Diagnostic features of Helicoconis hirtinervis both wing venation and male genitalia. RMCV (crossvein between R and M). Images: Aspöck et al. 1980, Tjeeder, 1960, photograh is H. lutea that has the same wing venation as H. hirtinervis Rintala and Lehto (CC BY-4.0).