Chrysopinae ID 5

If your species doesn’t have a black spot between the antennae, the next feature to look at is the shape of the antennal scape (this is the first segment of the antennae).

Shapes of the antennal scape: elongate (left) and square (right). Photographs: T. Rintala and T. Lehto (left and right) (CC BY 4.0) drawings: Colin Plant, 1997.

If your specimen has an elongated scape (twice as long as wide) see below. If your specimen has a more or less square scape click here.

Nineta vittata

The elongate scape is a very distinctive feature of this species and this can be observed without a microscope. Other defining features are shown in the below image.

Nineta vittata defining features. Photograph: O.Fogh Nielsen (CC BY 4.0)